(see too concerts with Cheb Samir in the LE SPORT page, there are more dates...)

"No, I don't quit my solo carreer. I just want each show to be a unique event so I take the time to prepare new stuff, I'll be back, don't panic. And also working with Cheb Samir is not always restful as he has no brain, but fortunately, I've got two.
Then we have good laugh, also."
Junkie Brewster.

-VERY VERY SOON (?) JUNKIE BREWSTER IN MARSEILLE at La Machine à Coudre in first part of a band which was called Soup Sound System but they won't be called like this anymore and of course absolutely no excuse will be valid to miss this concert neither the others besides.
To know the date of this unique party you just have to harrass my impresiario night and day sending her love letters to the following address:, hoping she'll end cracking up. Otherwise, I tell you as soon as I get more informations but it's not done.

LE SPORT in first part of CLIMATIZADO (post hardcore Locust style?/CZ) on TUESDAY MARCH 16 2004 at 9 pm at Molodoï, Stasbourg, France.

Molodoï programm is here

-FRIDAY, MARCH 12th 2004 for an exceptionnal duo with CHEB SAMIR for the big charitable party of we don't know what but we even go.

Big lesson of rock'n'roll NOT TO MISS ON ANY ACCOUNT.
There will be a lot of other bands but I don't know at all who it's gonna be for the moment neither the name of the party, as soon as I know I tell you. Ah yes it's at the Molodoï too.

From now on Junkie Brewster and Cheb Samir are: LE SPORT. The party of the 12 of march is in order to support an association called OKUP (artistic exchanges with ex-Yougoslavia), we have been invited. Our wild wild show will take place at 11,5 pm very very exactly. Be on time it will only last 30 minutes. The official flyer for this gran gala is here

-SUNDAY, MARCH 7th 2004 For the "VERY VERY FIRST TIME (or nearly)" big party at 8 pm at Molodoï 24 rue du ban de la roche 67000 Strasbourg France.
With: Greasy Fat In Heat, Crack & Ultra Eczema, Turbolover, The Normals, Junkie Brewster et Mil Mascaras.
The flyers collection for this UNFORGETTABLE party is here.

First photos of first event of the year (350 people a sunday evening at Molodoï!) are here and here

I have just refused a date !!! (February 29th 2004 for the first part of "Toychestra") Guess where? At the Molodoï! (Yes it is! no need to exaggerate.)

Fed up with seeing me in Strasbourg? Fed up with not seeing me in YOUR TOWN?
I examine every proposition and I answer.

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