Here soon it will maybe be the complete video (one song with ukulele + an acapella curtain call for 250 people in trance) of Junkie Brewster's very first apparition on stage on Friday June 13 2003 during the big party of new label P.M.R.

There was:

-Xue Feng Chen (Guzhen)
-Cbfoundingazstationtoilet (Nu-folk)
-Junkie Brewster (ukulele-one-girl-band)
-Seyhar vs Lo-fi texas corp. (screamo core vs emolectro)
-The nudes (disco punk)
-national blue (post rock)
-Gnu (post punk)
-Bob X (funky drumachine)
-Acouphène (Post rock)
-Joakim Montessuis (Noise ambient)
-Goldo Normal (Electro garage)
-Orly + guests (Chanson down hop + ?)

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